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SCROLL ONE, SCROLL TWO, & SCROLL THREE consist of the creative outcomes from practice-based research, and contextual written
documents to delineate the development of research. These SCROLLs also examine the body of artefacts (i.e. photographs, paintings, scrolls,
videos and digital videos), and situate the extended contemporary art practice and theories on the Dichotomies such as Old versus New,
Chinese versus Western, Nature versus Culture Rural versus Urban, Analogue versus Digital via MOVing-Image studying and making. Thus,
this unique artistic form- SCROLL would be employed as critical scopes in contributing both practical and theoretical investigations.

Video 26: Walking@A Nite City, Digital video 2:28 min., 2023 p26


Art 20: Draft For Walking Along The Invisible Cities, Acrylic on golden scroll 400 x 35cm, 2019  p20

Video 27:  Walking Along HK City, Digital video 2:20 min. , 2023 p26

Art 21:  Zhuhai As A Horizontal City #1, Digital print, 2023 p22

Video 28:  Walking Along The Cities, Video collage 42s, 2023 p40

Art 22:  Zhuhai As A Horizontal City #2, Digital print, 2023 p24

Art 23: Walking Along The Horizontal Cities, Video stills on scroll, 2022 p24

Video 29: Digitalized Shenzhen Canteens, Video collage 45s, 2022 p50

Video 30: Walking In Hong Kong Elevators, Video collage 28s, 2023 p51

Art 24: Walking In D-Landscapes-Cityscapes, Digital video stills on scroll, 2022 p58

Video 31: Walking In D-Landscapes-Cityscapes, Digital video 4:20 min., 2022 p58