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Prologue takes as a contextual document and articulates the key concerns in terms of introduction, rationale, main research aspects, theories included, artwork-in-progress, key concepts for the overall research investigation. 

Video 1: Extended Image Study: Collaged-Images On The Scroll Along The River During The Qingming Festival, Video 5 min., 2019 p48

Art 1: Genetic Images From Egg, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry etc., Video stills on scroll, 2019, p51

Video 2: Genetic Images From Egg, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry etc., Video 3:06 min., 2019 p51

Art 2: Walking In D-City, Digital snapshots, 2019 p70

Video 3: Illustrations Of The Working Process, Video 1:03 min., 2019 p56

Art 3: A Collaged Panoramic View Of Hong Kong, Digital image, 2019 p74

Video 4: Walking Around The City, Video 1:25 min., 2019 p66

Art 4: Walking In the City, Video-collage stills on scroll, 2022 p78

Video 5: PhD CARC Session At The ICA, Video 10:29 min., 2020 p86

Art 5: Landscape Paintings: Moving Mountains, Drafts for work-in-progress, 2019 p80

Video 6: Walking Along The Horizontal Cities, Digital video 2:24 min., 2020 p92

Art 6: Walking Along The Invisible Cities, Acrylic on golden scroll 400 x 35 cm, 2019 p84

Video 7: Calligraphy On Follow-The-Flow, Digital video 5:49 min., 2019 p96

Art 7: Calligraphy On Follow-The-Flow, Ink on scroll, 2019 p98

Video 8: Extended Images On Printed Book, Digital video  2:39 min., 2019 p120

Art 8: Extended Images On A Printed Book, Digital image on scroll, 2022 p122 

Video 9: Walking Along The City During The Pandemics, Digital video 1:12 min., 2019 p127

Art 9: Walking Along The City During The Pandemics, Digital video stills on scroll, 2019 p126

Video 10: City Snapshots In Guangzhou China, Video 0:38 min., 2019 p128

Video 11: Walking@Crossroads, Digital video 2:18 min., 2019 p130