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Epilogue concludes the overall research findings, significance, extensions, and research implication and its application. Then, it draws upon the key ideas and concepts, the significant aspects of the dichotomous propositions on Old versus New, Chinese versus Western, Landscapes versus Cityscapes, Stillness versus Movement, and Walkscapes versus Pictureques.

Video 1: Extended Image Study, Collaged-Images on the scroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival, 5 mins, 2019 

Prologue p36

Video 2: Genetic Images from Egg, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry etc., Video 3:06 mins, 2019

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Video 3: Illustrated work for the working process, Video 1:03 mins, 2019 

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Video 4: Walking In the City, Video 1:25 mins, 2019 

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Video 5: PhD CARC Session at the ICA, Video 10:29 mins, 2020

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Video 6: Walking Along the Horizontal Cities, Video 2:24 mins, 2020

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Video 7: Calligraphy on Follow-the-Flow, Digital video 5:49 mins, 2019

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Video 8: Extended Images on Printed Book, Digital video 2:39 mins, 2019 

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Video 9: Walking Along the City During the Pandemics, Digital Video 1:12 mins, 2019

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Video 10: City Snapshots in Gaugzhou City China, Video 0:38 mins, 2019 

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Video 11: Walking@Crossroads, Digital video 2:18 mins, 2019 

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