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Epilogue concludes the overall research findings, significance, extensions, and research implication and its application. Then, it draws upon the key ideas and concepts, the significant aspects of the dichotomous propositions on Old versus New, Chinese versus Western, Landscapes versus Cityscapes, Stillness versus Movement, and Walkscapes versus Pictureques.

Contribution To Knowledge

This thesis comprises Prologue/卷序, THREE SCROLLs (Walking Along the River… /On the Road… /In the City… ), and Epilogue/後序. These SCROLLs are the main practice-based research outcomes/ submission formats that include essay-artefacts, documentation & commentary (Sketches/ Notes/ Collages/ Paintings/ SCROLLs/ Photography/ Video Stills/ Videography), contextual writings, and works of art that situates the extended contemporary practice and theories on MOVing-Image making.

Finally, this PhD thesis (see also mainly consists of THREE Research Scapes/ Scopes/ SCROLLs in the following:

SCROLL ONE /卷壹 Walking Along the River…
SCROLL TWO/卷贰 Walking…/ On the Road…
SCROLL THREE/卷叁 Walking…/ In the City
Physical & Digital Artefacts: Photographs, Paintings, SCROLLs, Videos and Digital Videos
Walking Calendar/ 工作日誌
Documents/Notes筆錄卷 Bk1-5
Book 1 pp1-160
Book 2 pp1-168
Book 3 pp1-168
Book 4 pp1-172
Book 5 pp1-164

Fig 1. Andy Tam, PhD thesis, Book covers, 2023

Fig 3. Illustrated collages about Entanglement In-between Nature-Culture, Digital collages 2023

Fig 6. Illustrated collages about the Mega cities- New Cityscapes, Digital collages 2023