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Walking Along- the Rivers-Flows-Streams-towards a data-art-practice-based research journey

“Neo+Post Pop Art” has rapidly grown and proved as cultural phenomenon in association with the globalization and socio-economic changes. All of these contribute art practice to examine the new iconography and visual literacy from Pop to Neo+Post Pop art era, for examples Entertainments (Celebrity), Mass Consumption (Foodscape), Mass Media of Communication (TV, Film, magazine, social media etc.), and Environment & the nature.

This creative experiment is focusing on “Pop Art as Icon as consumed data by referring to some references from John Baldessari incorporating with found objects & brightly coloured geometric shapes, Nicholas Borriaud’s Post-production (2002), Rauschenberg’s Erased de Kooningà employing appropriation as artistic creative practice. With the references the aesthetics Pop Art, it alludes to mass production (consumer-oriented) that initiates discourse to discuss on a more contemporary use of data as delivering information (data-driven) and everyday art objects

An Alternative Panorama of Along the Stream to experiment with a Western Panorama view demonstrating the latest evolution of human physiological and cultural development parallel to contemporary stage theory. The novel “stage aesthetics” is unique for reflecting cultural phenomenon within the PRD region.

Areas of research interest

Data Art, Practice-based Art Research, New Media Art, Installation and Live Performance, Cultural Studies, Spatial and Exhibition Design, Architecture and Urban Development, Art and Design Education

Contribution to Knowledge in the field of Contemporary Art

My research contributes to distinct knowledge by exploring the field of contemporary art in practices and productions, and theoretical contribution/ methodology contribution (contextualization of creative and theoretical elements), updated art definition (ontology of art), the emergence and resurgence of the Chinese Classic paintings  to Postmodern works of art (Old versus New), through the examinations of visual and digital materials (research framework) in-between “Rivers/ Streams (fluidity of river) and flows (data flows)”, by which “Walking Along” will be enacted as an active mean of “artist-interventive” tactics to appropriate the history of “river/flow/stream visuals” and to update the “new genealogy of contemporary art”.

A CT scan or computed tomography scan makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray measurements taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images of specific areas of a scanned object, allowing the user to see inside the object without cutting. However, these individual data initiate a series of experimental ink and acrylic paintings. Via noise increasing and aura decreasing (Benjamin) in the process of digital reproduction, digitalized combinations of visual data (colors, textures, temporal movements) and music video created.